Community First

Purpose & Intent

There is a very basic and simple reason for this section of the website, it was created you, me and our families. It's all about Community News and Public Affairs.

Back in the 70s, this type of service wouldn't be needed, that's because back then Public Service Programs and Announcements could be heard throughout the day on just about every local media outlet, but that isn't the case anymore.  It was a little more than 30 years ago that local broadcasters would gather information by way of local Ascertainment Sessions.  In these sessions the public, you and I, would be able to voice our concerns regarding topics and issues about our communities, and our local broadcasters would address our concerns by way of Public Affairs Programs and Public Service Announcements.

Well, it isn't that way today thanks to deregulation!  Back then local broadcasters were required to provide such programming by the Federal Communications Commission as a stipulation for having their broadcast license, and to guarantee that they were serving the public good. Well, all that changed in the 80s, and since then local media outlets don't really broadcast much in the way of Public Affairs Programs or Public Service Announcements, except for early Sunday morning when they think they have the lowest numbers of listeners and viewers.

Either way, we no longer have the communications network to help us voice our concerns as we did before, and rather than complain and curse the dark, I have elected to light a candle and create a place such as Community First to allow the people in our communities to have some kind of voice.

Plan of Action

What is "The Plan of Action" ?  This is it! The Consumer Webcasting Network and more specifically, Community First. This is not just another website or webpage, it is the beginning of a Streaming Media Service totally designed for and dedicated to distributing local Public Affairs Programming and Public Service Announcements.

The programs and features found on Community First will cover a host of topics like Education, Public Safety, Health and any other subject that relates to family.  We will also present Human Interest stories that highlights the special relationship we have with our Business Community and how so many of them support our schools, civic groups and faith community.

How do we plan to gather all this information? Let me begin by saying that we are living in a digital age, one that provides us the ability to communicate with one another like never before.  It is my thinking that with all our digital devices, social media, plus the reliability and ease of use with email, anyone in the community will be able to share information anytime they have it.

More information about Community First will be posting in the next few days with specific guidelines how you can begin submitting your community information. I will also tell you how we can schedule a local recording session to share you community news with others.