The Hinson Report

Our Black Amercian History - A Family Documentary

A Family Documentary ... Really?

Today is March 10th and this is the latest edition of my Producer's Message for The Hinson Report.

The Hinson Report is best described as an informational montage, and a montage is basically defined as "The technique of producing a new composite whole from fragments of other elements such as video, audio, conversations and interviews, pictures, text, music and so on and so forth" 

I believe that sums it up very well, and that is exactly what I'm doing right now, gathering and putting together fragments of all those things to create my first official webcast of The Hinson Report, and more specifically The Hinson Report Documentary.

Let me explain, the report didn't start out to be a documentary it just evolved into it. My first original plan was as short and simple presentation, a brief history of my life to lend a touch of authenticity and personalization to my first official webcast for The Hinson Report, but that idea quickly went south once I realized that I couldn't tell my story without talking about other members of the extended family and there is a bunch of us, and that is when the presentation evolved into a documentary.

So, now comes the really fun part, which is two-fold.  First I have to revamp my entire production plan for the project, and secondly , have to contact members of my family and convince them to take part in this valuable and worthwhile shindig,  I don't want to assume anything here, but this program could prove a valuable lesson to others regarding the preservation of their family history as well as the contribution it will make to Black Amercian History in general.

It is time for me to cut this Producer's Message short since I have a lot of work to do in order to do this project right. Sure I could slap together a few pictures and music and make a slideshow video out this, but the truth is my family deserves far better than that, so my plan is simple, I'm going to make a this a real PRODUCTION!

Last thing, all those handsome men you see in the photo, those are the Hinson Men, they have all gone on to glory and we miss them dearly.  I've already decided that the first segment of this family documentary will focus on "The Fathers" and from their, I plan to let this puppy develop a life of its own.

As I close, let me say that in my entire 50-year broadcasting career I have never been so excited about a production project as I am about this one, hands down!

The Hinson Report Documentary - Coming Soon!



Hinson Family Boys-01a

The Hinson Men
Standing L-R: Ely "Cat" Hinson,  James "Bubba" Hinson,
Randolph "Bill" Hinson,  Evans "Whit" Hinson & Silas "Tootsie" Hinson.
Seated: Grand Pa Randolph,