Big Bandland

Big Bands & Jazz Orchestras

I'm pleased to announce that our Tribute to Big Bands and Jazz Orchestras has resumed and will continue through the summer of 2018.

Featured on this edition of Big BandLand is Jay McShane and his Orchestra, the Gerald Wilson Big Band and a very special treat with the National Orchestre of Luxembourg featuring George Duke, whom we normally associate with funky soulful Jazz Fusion, this time in an orchestral setting.

Be advised that I'll be adding more music to this tribute series later this week so plan to join me for some really great Big Band music.

That's all for now, but one last thing.  I've made some major changes in the way I produce my programs, meaning I'm using new software and it's taking me a bit more time to adjust to it than I anticipated, but the good news is it has already proven to be a time saver for me which means a lot better workflow in the very near future ... thank God!  That's It, and as always "Thanks for making KHRadio a part of your day"



Top: Stan Kenton, Quincy Jones, Billy Strayhorn & Gerald Wilson
Bottom: Duke Ellington, Count Basie, Mercier Ellington & Woody Herman