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Allow me to begin telling you about this Jazz-Fusion Series by sharing a bit of my real life history.  This program actually began my first exposure to Jazz Fusion back in the Spring of 1974 in Cleveland, Ohio at the Allen Theater.  At the time both groups were unknown to me, but after that night, their names and their performances will always be burned into my brain.

The opening act was Chick Corea, Stanley Clarke, Lenny White and Al DiMeola, known collectively as Return to Forever.  They came on stage, blew me totally away and left me gasping for air as the main act was getting ready to perform.

No sooner did I catch my breath and situated from all the fire and excitement from RTF set here comes Wayne Shorter and Joe Zawinul with their group Weather Report, and once again I was mentally and just about physically flat on my back, mouth wide open in amazement and I may have even drooled on myself from it all.

As I said, that event was burned into my brain, and from that spring night in 1974 I began searching out Jazz Fusion groups, and this series is sort of my story about what I found.  In the weeks to come, you'll hear from a wide assortment of artist and groups who fly under the banner of Jazz Fusion from here in the good old USA and from around the world.


New Shows Posting 03-08-18

-- JD_0409a

Left: Flora Purim, Center Top: Lenny White, Chick Corea & Stanley Clarke
Center Bottom: Randy & Micheal Brecker Right: Billy Childs