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Today is Tuesday, March 6th, production continues on several new radio shows for The JazzDepot, Classic Traxx, Nice & Easy, Fusion Jazz and Big BandLand.

I have to confess, my current program production is taking longer this time due to a major change in my production workflow, like THE WHOLE WORKFLOW THING!

 I could get technical here and explain everything to you, but that would be assumptive on my part thinking you even care about it, so I'll just thank you for your patience and inform you that I'll begin posting my Spring Streaming Season of Shows on Thursday, March 8th after 2:00 pm, and yes there is a very good possibility that news shows will also begin then, it all depends on how I adjust to this new workflow.

That's it for now, gotta get back to work, and as always - Thank You For Making KHRadio and The Consumer Webcasting Network a part of your day.