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The Producer's Message

Website Update:    September 17, 2018

The Consumer Webcasting Network

I'm just about ready to restart this service, but in order to do it right, I have to finish the blending process I started a couple of months ago which includes a coordination of my Network of Websites of which the Consumer Webcasting Network is the foundation.

I had planned to give you a more detailed explanation today, but due to the amount of information I would be sharing with you, the explanation was reading like a short novel, just too much info.  So, I'm going to forgo all that for a few days so I can show you more and tell you less, which I believe you'll appreciate more.

I hope you're looking forward to the return of the Consumer Webcasting Network as much as I'm looking forward to bringing you the finished product that I've been working on for years, it hasn't always been a joyous journey, but thanks to those of you who constantly feed my words of encouragement and support, well it's finally becoming the thing it was always meant to be.