Producer's Message


First off, Thank You for making KHRadio a part of your day, I know you have unlimited choices of music shows where you can listen to music and choosing to come here means a great deal to me.

This evening and most of tomorrow morning I will be finishing up a couple of new shows for both Nice & Easy and The SpotLight.  I will be exented the offering for the Song Bird Series with a few Ladies that haven't been featured as of yet, and I have a really special blend of various styles of music for the new Nice & Easy shows, how about some R&B blended with Country, Jazz and Pop songs from the last 50 years to present?

I will be posting more information about both shows around Noon on Saturday, August 19th and I plan to begin posting shows no later than 4:00 pm, and I will continue posting new shows for the next week or so, which means you'll want to visit the website regularly over the next week.

That's all for now, but allow me leave you with this personal request to tell your family and friends to check us out here on KHRadio,  just tell them that "It's Radio Like You've Never Heard Before & More".