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The Producer's Message

Website Update: November 7, 2018

If At First, You Don't Succeed, Try, Try Again!

(and again, and again, and again until you do)

I believe the old saying goes ... "One Step Forward and Two Steps Back" and that is exactly what has been happening with my plans for this website. I'm sharing that with you not to make excuses but rather to maintain my promise to you to be transparent in the operation of this website and the progress being made to get things back on course.

The major stumbling block I'm faced with at this time is time, and as my old radio broadcasting mentor used to say - "That's The Truth Ruth". This challenge of time I'm faced with today is clearly a case of too many irons in the fire even if they are irons of obligation and responsibility, and I've decided today that I must remove some of those irons in order to move forward with this project

Since my last update of October 22, I've been reevaluating my irons so to speak to determine which ones can be removed and during the next several days I plan to make adjustments accordingly based on my Fall/Winter programming plans.

I'm feeling really good about this latest development, first, because I'm not feeling pressured into making the needed changes to move forward, and secondly because we're entering into the 2018 Holiday Season my favorite time of the year.

While it is only my intention as of today, I would like to begin posting news and information on our Community First section of the website during Thanksgiving Week,  Monday, November 19 through Friday, November 23. Why is that only my intention? It has to do with the fact that the majority of community news and consumer information features will be posting as audio and video programs, more on that coming soon.

As Bugs says, That's All Folks, at least until my next post in a few days.


- MixerBKGrnd