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WEBSITE UPDATE: April 16. 2018

The Consumer Webcasting Network and KHRadio are currently in the process of reorganizing and prioritizing all aspects of our products and services to make sure that our purpose and intent is clear and that we have both the time and resources required to operate efficiently in our quest to produce quality programming.

KHRadio began as a weekly radio show in 2004 and over the years as technology and the internet continued to develop and expand, so too did this website. Today that weekly radio show has become an online Streaming Media outlet that includes our own Audio and Video Production Services.

The growth of this website regarding its abilities to provide local services has been great, but with that growth comes increased cost for production and operation.

Additionally, this growth has also increased our opportunity to provide local business, churches and civic organizations with digital products and services to help them better communicate within their communities, and that is the gist of my reorganizing and prioritizing effort today.

I'm confident in a positive outcome, and as I said in my previous message, I will keep you posted on my progress and final thoughts regarding the future of The Consumer Webcasting Network and KHRadio music programming.

In closing, I think it is imperative that I stress the importance of this website in my life and as a community tool that gives families a voice to communicate thoughts and ideas, concerns and opinions about everything that relates to our quality of life. As a Professional Radio Broadcaster I know for a fact that a well-informed community is a better community to live, work and raise a family - so this is my way of doing my part.