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Today is Thursday, Feb 22nd, and this is my latest posting to keep you up on what's happening and what's coming soon on The Consumer Webcasting Network.

First of all, I'm pleased to announce that all music programs for our Spring Preview of Shows are coming along just fine. The official webcast start time is this Saturday at 12:00 Noon, but show production is progressing so well that I may have to fudge a bit and start posting shows on tomorrow afternoon, Feb 23rd, so check back and check it out!

I'm also in production for Community First, our community news and information department. The gist of or our first presentation is based on a combination of Black History and Diversity within the City of Olathe.  Years ago I was a member of the Olathe Diversity Committee, it was a part of the Olathe Human Relations Commission, but the committee is no more.  However, during those years I was able to gather photographs and video footage of many of the events we presented as part of the City's commitment to promote and support diversity in our community.

I've chosen to begin this Public Affairs project during Black History Month 2018 for a couple of reasons, first because Black History Month, in my personal opinion, has started to lose interest and importance within many communities around the nation, and secondly to give some credit to the City of Olathe for their efforts towards fostering goodwill among all people within our community. More about this project will be posting on the Community First webpage.

And finally, The Hinson Report, the one department of the website that I'm not sure exactly what to call it.  Why? Because It can feature anything from a commentary to a conversation with an individual or a group from all walks of life, interviews with professionals from education, public safety, health, and medicine.

I've given a lot of thought to my first report and what's I've decided is to start my ongoing Black History series which I'm calling "Our Black History? But wait, this isn't going to be your run of the mill black history documentary, this presentation is going to feature my family, my friends, my associates and a serious blending of both my personal and professional life from way back. Visit The Hinson Report to get a better idea of how it's starting out and how I intend to allow it to grow on its own.