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I confess. I have this nasty habit of not wanting to write online messages that sound more like corporate jargon than truthful communication. So, in the interest of transparency, here is the truth in simple, honest, plain talk. I was unable to meet my self-imposed deadline of June 15th for posting new streaming content because I have too many projects going on right now, and I just ran out of time.

So what now? First I’m pushing my relaunch date of this website to Wednesday, 06-26-2024. It’s the smart thing to do not only to eliminate all the stress that comes with forcing myself to complete this project, but just as important I’m obligated to a higher standard of finished product as an Old Broadcast Professional. That may sound a bit old fashioned to some of you, but that’s a really big deal for my generation.

As I move forward with this project, I plan to begin posting sections and segments of the upgraded website once they’ve been tested and approved to be “Ready For Freddy” as my old mentors used to say, meaning it’s showtime!

Thanks for all you support and patience, I really do appreciate it, and more importantly I appreciate YOU!