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Community First

Why Community First?  There are several reasons, but the most important one is the serious lacking of good quality community news coverage from our local news reporting outlets. I must confess, as a 50-year broadcast veteran, I've experienced this change in news reporting in real-time, and what we have today is not enough news and too much FLUFF!

The Hinson Report

The Hinson Report is "All Things Consumer"! If you need information about consumer protection, fraud and scam alerts, product recalls, identity thief or a host of other things that directly effect us as Consumers.  You will also find a form you can use to submit Consumer concerns, questions and request.

KHRadio Shows

I became a professional radio disc-jockey in 1967, that was 50 years ago this year!  Since then I've gained a pretty diverse education and outlook on radio programming, and I pour that diversity into every KHRadio program.  I say "It's Radio Like You've Never Heard Before & More" it's a blend of Jazz, R&B, Pop, Gospel, Country & More!